About us

PYTLAK // DEJA Law Firm is an independent Polish law firm that has been providing legal services to corporate and individual clients for over 15 years.

During this time we have worked for the industries incl. Banking & Financial Institutions, Oil & Gas, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Products, Automotive & Military, Food & Beverage where have been entrusted with the most complex legal cases incl. cross-border or international elements.

In 2023, the Firm and its two Partners, Rafał Pytlak and Wojciech Deja, have been recognized by Chambers and Partners as the go – to advisors (Band 1) for Poland. In 2024, the Firm and its two Partners, Rafał Pytlak and Wojciech Deja, have been recognized by Legal 500 as Tier 2 Firm and Leading Individuals in EMEA 2024 Guide in the Private Client area for Poland.

"The lawyers at Pytlak Deja have a deep understanding of the judical system and have a reputation for being fearless advocates for their clients. They have a track record of successfully negotiating plea bargains and winning trials, and they are fearless in taking on the most complex and challenging cases."
High Net Worth client, Chambers & Partners
"Pytlak Deja have a very strong back office support on their own. Each lawyer I have worked with has shown deep understanding of the case and legal knowledge applicable in each of them respectively."
High Net Worth client, Chambers & Partners
"Their combination of expertise, knowledge, and dedication to their clients make them a force to be reckoned with in the legal world."
High Net Worth client, Chambers & Partners
"Their expertise and knowledge of law are unparalleled, and they always make sure to take the time to explain complex legal concepts in a way that is easy to understand."
High Net Worth client, Chambers & Partners
‘It is essential to underline PYTLAK//DEJA’s profound legal expertise and understanding of financial repercussions of their advice. Their approach towards achieving objectives, commitment to safeguarding clients’ interests, and clear communication is sound and visible.’
Legal 500 testimony, EMEA 2024
‘Rafał Pytlak PYTLAK//DEJA consistently presents a deep understanding of clients’ needs. Wojciech Deja is respected for his extensive track record in formulating legal solutions. With a precise vision, they have built a culture where feedback is expressed candidly and held in high regard.’
Legal 500 testimony, EMEA 2024
‘PYTLAK//DEJA operates with a strategy focused on both legal frameworks and the associated financial outcomes. They are committed to client’s primary needs presenting attention to all the details throughout each phase of a project.’
Legal 500 testimony, EMEA 2024
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first choice recommendation (Band 1) by Chambers and Partners
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The International Lawyers Network is a non-exclusive network of high-quality mid-sized law firms (91  firms with over 5,000 lawyers world-wide), dedicated to offering seamless legal services to clients with international needs. With a presence in 67 countries, the ILN provides cross-border legal solutions through its network of like-minded and quality legal practices. Recognized as the Global Law Firm Network of the Year by The Lawyer European Awards and shortlisted multiple times, the ILN remains at the forefront of legal networks globally.