Arbitration and dispute resolution

We provide our clients with litigation and arbitration services at all stages and for all instances of the litigation process as well as before the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court.

We provide litigation services for:

  • business owner disputes over control and ownership of assets;
  • corporate and winding-up disputes in commercial companies;
  • construction and infrastructure disputes related to design, execution and settlement of investments as well as the judicial valorization of costs and wages of contractors;
  • criminal and commercial proceedings concerning all forms of mismanagement in business;
  • enforcement of debts and claims for damages;
  • disputes with the Financial Market Authorities;
  • football disputes.

Private Wealth Disputes

We deal with disputes over succession of business. Over the years, we have gained invaluable experience in preventing and countering hostile takeovers of private and corporate estates. We offer our clients complex succession planning solutions which protect the interests of owners whose estates are at risk of depletion or massive loss in the event of an inheritance dispute or business succession. We provide advice on protecting the interests of minor businessowners.


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